Cervical Spine Discectomy, Osteo-facetectomy by Noble Art of Cloward Procedure and Its Modification- A Single Centre study

  • AURANGZEB KALHORO Neurospinal and Cancer Care Institute, Karachi
  • A. SATTAR M. HASHIM Neurospinal and Cancer Care Institute, Karachi
  • ABID SALEEM Neurospinal and Cancer Care Institute, Karachi
Keywords: Cervical discectomy, Cloward procedure


Objectives: To analyze the surgical outcome of cervical spine osteo-facetectomy discectomy, and modified Cloward procedure.
Materials and Methods: A prospective study was conducted at the Neurospinal & cancer care institute, Karachi. The duration of study was from 1st June 2017 to 25th November 2019. Patients having prolapsed intervertebral cervical discs included in the study, while those with trauma, cervical radiation, previous cervical surgery and
multiple level involvement were excluded. Pre and post-surgical data was collected. Titanium Hashmi cage was used in all operated patients at single level instrumentation.
Results: A total of 113 patients satisfied the inclusion criteria and were considered in the study. Among them, 77 patients were male and 36 were female. The age range from 26 to 65 with a base age of 53 years ± 2.5. C5 – C6 was the commonest level for fusion C6 – C7, C3 – C4 and C4 – C5 were less common. For the outcome of the
procedure Odom’s criteria, was followed the results showed excellent improvement in 88 (77.87%), Good results in 18 (15.9%), fair in 5 (4.42%) and 2 patient had Poor (1.76%) results. Fusion was seen in 86 patients, superficial infection in two cases.
Conclusion: Patients with single-level degenerative disc and treated with modified titanium Hashmi cage provided a good fusion with the relief of upper limb pain without donor site morbidity at anterior iliac spine.


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