Positive Predictive Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Intradural Spinal Tumors Taking Histopathology as Gold Standard

  • HAFEEZ-UR -REHMAN Gajju Khan Medical College, Swabi
  • ADNAN YOUSAF Burns Trauma Center, Hayatabad Medical Complex
  • MUHAMMAD USMAN Department of Neurosurgery, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar,
  • MUHAMMAD NOUMAN AKRAM Sahara Medical College, Narowal
Keywords: Spinal Tumors, Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Objective: To observe the positive predictive value of MRI, taking histopathology as gold standard in detecting spinal intradural tumors.
Materials and Methods: Total 180 cases were included through non-probability purposive sampling, at Ganga Ram Hospital, Radiology department, Lahore. The radiological diagnosis obtained through MRI, was observed. The cases fit in inclusion criteria were underwent surgery and their histopathological findings were observed. Comparison between the outcomes of MRI and histopathology were undertaken, keeping histopathology as gold  standard. Positive predictive value of MRI in the diagnosis of intradural spinal tumor was calculated andpresented in the form of percentages and frequency.
Results: There were total 180 patients presenting in OPD with the mean age of 45.71 ± 13.57 years. There were 112 (62%) male. Male to female ratio was 1.6:1. There were 134 (74.4%) cases who were positive for malignant spinal intradural tumor on histopathology showing the PPV of MRI as 74.4%.
Conclusion: Magnetic Resonance Imaging is very beneficial imaging tool for early diagnosis of spinal cord tumors.


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