The Effect of Digital Media on The Younger Minds During the Pandemic: A Study in Pakistan,Jordan and Syria

  • Noor ul huda Maria PINS
  • Asif Shabbir
  • Ali Hammed
  • Saif Salman
  • Qurrat ul Ain
  • Muhammad Anwar Chaudhry


Objective:  To evaluate the psychosocial impact of the use of digital media on young minds.

Material and Methods:  A survey based cross sectional study was conducted by using questionnaires through google forms from diverse general, young population. A total number of 110 respondents from Pakistan, Jordan, and Syria, were included.

Results:  18 – 35 years age group showed Depression 53.4%, Anxiety 71.8%, Lack of Interest in Daily Activities 70.5%, Decreased Decisive Ability 10.5% and Insomnia 66.3%. While, the 36 – 54 years group showed Depression 46.4%, Anxiety 56.8%, Lack of interest in Daily Activities 61.8%, Decreased Decisive Ability 8.3% and Insomnia 47.5%. It was noticeable, that the younger age group of 18 – 35 years suffered more psychological effects.

Conclusion:  We concluded that while digital media is affecting all age groups, but the younger age group was affected the most.



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