Frequency and Pattern of Early Complications after Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy in Obstructive Hydrocephalus

  • MUHAMMAD ANWAR ULLAH Department of Neurosurgery, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar
  • FAHIM ULLAH KHAN Department of Pharmacy, Abasyn University, Peshawar
  • MUHAMMAD USMAN Department of Neurosurgery, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar
  • MOHAMMAD ISHAQ Department of Neurosurgery, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar
  • ZAHID KHAN Department of Neurosurgery, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar
Keywords: Endoscopic third ventriculostomy, Obstructive hydrocephalus, CSF leak, Complications


Objective:  To determine the frequency, pattern and outcome of early complications after endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) in Obstructive hydrocephalus.

Material and Methods:  The study included 160 patients from Neurosurgery department, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar and private clinics over a period of twelve months. After performing ETV under general anesthesia by a single expert neurosurgeon, the patients were followed up for seven days post operatively for the CSF leak, wound infection, meningitis, seizures, bleeding and in hospital death.

Results:  Eighty five percent of the patients had no untoward complications, while 15% showed complications including CSF leak (5%), wound infection (3%), meningitis (2%), seizures (2%), bleeding (2%) and in hospital death (1%).

Conclusion:  Due to the less invasive nature, endoscopic third ventriculostomy is favored for treating obstructive hydrocephalus in select patient population as it is safe and have better outcomes.


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