COVID-19 Pandemic: Influences on the Practice of Neurosurgeons all over Pakistan


  • Faisal Feroz Rana Department of Paediatric Neurosurgery, Children Hospital
  • Mazhar Mahmood Department of Orthopaedic, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Uzma Amin Department of Dermatology, Lahore General Hospital,
  • Rizwan Masood Butt Doctors Hospital, Lahore



COVID-19, Pandemic, Practice, Neurosurgeons, Pakistan


Objective:  The aim of this survey was to observe the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on neurosurgery practices during this pandemic, assess various types of adaptations taken by them, protective measures during patient examination and effects on their health, family and socioeconomic life.

Material & Methods:  A Questionnaire comprising 32 questions was circulated among practicing Neurosurgeons of Pakistan by social media, e-mails for 8 weeks (January-February 2021) and their responses were analyzed.

Results:  108 participants were involved from all over Pakistan. 32% respondents stated reduction in clinical practice to a level of less than 25%. While, 10% reported complete closure of outpatient services during pandemic. There were varied responses on the use of protective measures and most used N95 mask only (31%). Pandemic also affected the research work, finances and leisure time activities.

Conclusion:  Our study showed that neurosurgical practice was influenced by COVID-19 pandemic in many aspects in Pakistan. Proper method of protective measures and COVID testing of patients were lacking among them. Neurosurgeons should follow standard guidelines according to institutional directives in local neurosurgical practices so as to avoid being influenced by such crisis.c


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