A Life Threatening Problem in Children; Extra Dural Hematomas. Analysis of 65 Cases

  • Dr. Muhammad Asif DHQ Teaching Hospital/Medical College, Sahiwal
  • Dr. Hamza DHQ Teaching Hospital/Medical College, Sahiwal
  • Dr. Aatika DHQ Teaching Hospital/Medical College, Sahiwal
  • Dr. Fatima


Aim: We present this study about the management of Extra Dural Hematomas in children using aggressive diagnostic approach, Prompt surgical intervention was the goal to get excellent results. Material and

Methods: Sixty five children underwent surgery in our department from Jan. 2010 to Dec. 2014. Data was gathered in terms of age, sex, mode of injury, clinical presentation, CT scan finding, and localization of hematoma, operative treatment and outcome.

Results: Out of 65 cases 44 (68%) were boys and 21 (32%) were girls with a ratio of 2:1. Age ranged from 1–18 years with majority 48 (64%) were from 6 – 18. Most common mode of injury was fall 35 (54%) followed by RTA 25 (38%). The commonest clinical presentation was altered sensorium 42 (63%) followed by headache and vomiting 36 (54%). Mortality rate was 4 (6%).

Conclusion: As early symptoms in children with EDH are quite non-specific, EDH must be considered in any child whose condition does not improve rapidly following a relatively mild head injury. Early diagnosis and emergency surgical treatment of EDH result in excellent outcome.

Author Biographies

Dr. Muhammad Asif, DHQ Teaching Hospital/Medical College, Sahiwal

Department of Neurosurgery, 

Dr. Hamza, DHQ Teaching Hospital/Medical College, Sahiwal

Department of Neurosurgery

Dr. Aatika, DHQ Teaching Hospital/Medical College, Sahiwal

Department of Neurosurgery

Dr. Fatima

Department of Neurosurgery


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