Perceived Stress and Emotional Exhaustion among Undergraduate Medical Students of Gujranwala Medical College, Pakistan


  • Kauser Aftab Khan author
  • Hareem Arif
  • Huma Azeem
  • Umama nadeem
  • Ahmed Mustafa Cheema undergraduate medical student gujranwala medical college gujranwala
  • Slah ud din khan



Medical Students, Stress, Anxiety, College Life, Family Probler Concerns, Hostel Life


Objective: To determine a student's performance. A survey of undergraduate medical students was done to determine the factors linked to increased stress and emotional tiredness among medical students at Gujranwala Medical College (GMC) Pakistan.

Material and Methods:  Data was collected using a structured questionnaire collected from undergraduate medical students. Information related to stress, nervousness, being upset, daily life restlessness, being irritated, being focused, satisfaction with the lecturing, financial strains, family-related stress, living problems, and career, was collected from the respondents via proforma with permission.

Results:  40.4% of students felt they had often faced stress during their last month with 37.1% facing unexpected events. Often students (34.4%) found restlessness during their last month with 39.1% of subjects feeling irritated by things happening around them. Some 35.8% of subjects had given thoughts to the future, 26.5% felt worthless and 33.1% forgot simple things or tasks. 39.1% felt they had difficulty focusing on the tasks given to them. Financial strain was always there in 3.3% and was rarely felt in 33.8% of subjects.  Family-related problems were always there in 7.3% of subjects. 33.1% always felt dissatisfied with the quality of food in the mess. 29.8% of subjects felt they were unable to fulfill their parents’ expectations while 22.5% felt they face stress about their career.

Conclusion:  40% of students are experiencing various forms of stress and emotional exhaustion. 33 percent of students always felt tension due to messed-up food, and 26.5 percent felt they always felt alone to deal with their problems.


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Umama nadeem

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Slah ud din khan

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