Lipoma at Conus Medullaris without Spinal Dysraphism causing Neurological Deficit: A Rare Occurrence


  • Shahzaib Tasdique
  • Zainab Sarwar Dr
  • Obaid ur Rehman
  • Samra Majeed
  • Waqas Mehdi
  • Azam Niaz



Lipoma, conusmedullaris, spinaldysraphism


It's uncommon to have an intradural lipoma without spinal dysraphism. The majority are asymptomatic, however, neurological impairments might occur. For the past six months, a 35-year-old man had been experiencing growing weakening in both lower limbs. The L1 intradural space-occupying lesion was detected during a clinical examination and radiological workup. The patient underwent surgery to address a worsening neurological impairment. The patient had fully recovered neurologically after a six-month follow-up. If the neurological damage is progressive, intradural lipomas should be surgically removed. The surgical treatment produces positive results.


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