The Influence of Epidural Steroids on Postoperative Pain and Hospital Stay in Patients Having a Single-Level Lumbar Discectomy


  • Shah Khalid
  • Abdul Aziz khan
  • Faiza Khalid
  • Shahbaz Ali Khan
  • Abdul Majid



Lumbar Discectomy, Epidural steroids, Post-Operative Pain


Objective:   In this study, we looked at how intra-operative epidural steroids affected postoperative pain and stay duration in patients with unilateral single-level lumbar discectomy.

Material & Methods:  A randomized control trial was conducted at Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad. Group A (n = 30) was given intraoperative epidural methylprednisolone, while group B (n = 30) was given normal saline only. The outcome was measured between the two groups in terms of postoperative pain (visual analog scale), time of mobilization, length of hospital stay, and duration to return to work.

Results:  At discharge, the VAS score in group A was 0.40 compared to 2.4 in group B (p = 0.000). At 2 weeks follow-up, the mean VAS score was 1.10 in group A in contrast to 1.4 in group B (p = 0.001). Patients who received local epidural methylprednisolone were mobilized after an average of 1 day, stayed for an average of 1.16 days, and returned to work following 18.2 days, whereas patients in the control group were mobilized after an average of 1.2 days, stayed for an average of 1.86 days and returned to work following 25.9 days. An incidental Dural tear occurs in 2 cases.

Conclusion:  Intra-operative epidural steroid is beneficial in reducing post-operative pain, hospital stay, and time to return to work. It allows early mobilization with enhanced recovery and few complications.


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