Anterior Lumbosacral Myelomeningocele Presenting as an Abdominal Mass


  • Mumtaz Ali Ali Institute of Neurosciences, Irfan General Hospital Peshawar
  • Akram Ullah Ali Institute of Neurosciences, Irfan General Hospital Peshawar
  • Ramzan Hussain Ali Institute of Neurosciences, Irfan general Hospital Peshawar
  • Sajid Khan Ali Institute of Neurosciences, Irfan General Hospital Peshawar
  • Hanif Ur Rahman Ali Institute of Neurosciences, Irfan General Hospital Peshawar
  • Summayah Saqib Peshawar Medical College
  • Amjad Ali Hayatabad Medical Complex
  • Abdul Haseeb Sahibzada Ali Institute of Neurosciences, Irfan General Hospital Peshawar



Myelomeningocele is a complex pathology associated with variable clinical presentations and associated
anomalies. Myelomeningocele presenting as an abdominal mass is extremely rare. This case report presents
such a complex case of anterior lumbosacral myelomeningocele with clinical presentation of abdominal mass
along with its surgical management. A 5-month-old boy was referred to the neurosurgery department,
presenting with a congenital lump on his lower back along with abdominal mass, constipation, and urogenital
dysfunction. An anterior Approach exploratory laparotomy was performed by a left lower abdomen oblique
incision to excise the myelomeningocele. This case report illustrates that anterior lumbosacral
myelomeningocele can present, in rare cases as abdominal mass along with urogenital dysfunctions and
constipation and is managed with a collaborative effort from a multidisciplinary approach including urologists,
neurosurgeons, and general surgeons



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