Radiological Verses Histological Evaluation of Spinal Space Occupying Lesions


  • Sabika aftab Radiological vs histological differentiation of spinal sol
  • Rabail Akbar
  • Tanweer Ahmed
  • Lal Rehman
  • Iram Bokhari
  • Sana Akbar



Objective:  This study set out to evaluate radiology's diagnostic capacity in accurately establishing a preliminary working diagnosis for various spine tumor types.

Materials and Methods:  This is a prospective study carried out and examined patients who had surgical resection with the collection of histopathology samples, regardless of age or gender. A full MRI examination from every angle and contrast-enhanced pictures were required. Inclusion criteria consisted of Patients of all ages of both genders, who underwent surgery a tissue sample was collected for histopathological diagnoses, and a complete MRI study with all views and contrast-enhanced images was available to give a preliminary diagnosis.

Results:  Based on the evaluation by the senior radiologists, the lesions were most commonly intradural-extramedullary (50%) in position according to the dura, followed by intramedullary in 14 (26.9%) patients. Despite our series having a total of 16 misdiagnosed cases, the overall diagnostic accuracy of the MRI remained high at 69.2%.

Conclusion:  MRI has superior diagnostic accuracy in diagnosing meningiomas as compared to nerve sheath tumors such as meningiomas. It also has good predictive accuracy of intramedullary lesions such as ependymomas.


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