Management of intrasellar arachnoidocele


  • Diallo Moussa Service Neurochirurgie CHU Gabriel Touré, Bamako Mali
  • André Jaques Valentin Tokpa Teaching hospital Bouaké
  • Youssouf Traoré Teaching hospital Bocar Sidi Sall, kati
  • Koumaré Izoudine Blaise Teaching hospital gabriel Touré
  • Youssouf Sogoba Teaching hospital gabriel Touré
  • Sogoba Boubacar Teaching hospital gabriel Touré
  • Oumar Diallo
  • Kanikomo Drissa Teaching hospital Gabriel Touré



arachnoidocele, headache, neuroendoscopy, Turcic saddle, skull base


Arachnoidocele in its sellar location is not common. The variability of its clinical signs and the lack of standard treatment make the management complex. The authors report a clinical case through which therapeutic modalities will be discussed. We report a case of a 42-year-old patient who complained of intermittent headaches of progressively increasing intensity over the past 2 years. The persistence of the headaches despite analgesic treatment had motivated the performance of a brain CT scan and then an MRI which had objectified the presence of an intrastellararachnoidocele. The endocrine laboratory function was normal. Short-term treatment with morphine and corticosteroids had achieved a rapid and long-lasting course after a 2-year follow-up. Endoscopic surgery is a treatment option for sellar arachnoidocele. The indication must take into account the clinical and radiological elements because some sellar arachnoidocele evolve favorably under drug treatment.

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André Jaques Valentin Tokpa, Teaching hospital Bouaké

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Youssouf Traoré, Teaching hospital Bocar Sidi Sall, kati

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