Depressed Skull Fracture Surgical Management and Outcome among Head Injury Patients: Experience at Tertiary Care Hospital


  • Aurangzeb Kalhoro
  • Muhammad Hamid Ali
  • Vashdev Khimani
  • Raiz Ahmed Raja
  • Mahesh Kumar Luhano



Skull depressed fracture, compound depressed fractures


Objective:  To evaluate outcomes in patients with managed depressed skull fractures operatively having head injuries.

Methods:  This study was conducted at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro. We analyzed 76 patients who underwent operative management for skull fractures. Patient selection included both children and adults with skull fractures evident on CT brain scans using bone windows.

Results:  Our study included 76 patients, with 48 males and 28 females, and a mean age of 28.68 ± 10.33 years. Among them, 45 (59.21%) were under 30 years old, and the highest incidence of depressed skull fractures occurred in the 21 – 30 age group. Road traffic accidents were the leading cause, accounting for 42 (55.25%) cases, while falls from heights contributed to 24 (31.57%) cases, and 7 (9.21%) resulted from objects falling on the patients.

Conclusion:  Patients with head injuries can be fatal if not managed promptly. Neglecting the management of a depressed fracture can also impact the outcome in these cases and lead to a series of complications.



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