Navigating Peril: Unraveling the Consequences of violation of Lane by bike riders on Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes in a Developing Country's Neurosurgical department


  • Usman Ahmed Kamboh allama iqbal medical college/jinnah hospital lahore
  • Muhammad Irfan Sheikh
  • Syed Shahzad Hussain Shah
  • Muhammad Rizwan
  • Atiqa Arif
  • Mehwish Manzoor
  • Zaid Sami Ullah




To infer the impact of violation of lane by the bike riders on the severity of injury and clinical outcome.

Materials & Methods:

prospective observational study conducted from 1st January 2023 to 30th June 2023.50 patients who met inclusion criteria were studied for impact of violation of lane on the severity of injury and clinical outcome. Data was analyzed for gender distribution, valid driving license, helmet wearing, trauma scene violation of lane, duration of stay in ward, severity of injury, mode of injury and outcome was assessed by Glasgow outcome scale extended after 1 month.


In our study 49(98%) patients were male and 1(2%) female. 37 (74%) patients had documented evidence by 1122 regarding lane violation group while 13(26%) patients of lane non violation group. 14(28%) patients had STBI, and 18(36%) patients were categorized in moderate and mild traumatic brain injury each. Neuro monitoring was done in 14(28%) patients. Operative intervention was done in 31(62%) patients and 9(64%) patients were those who had STBI.11(78%) out of 14 patients with severe injury were from lane violation group. Patients of lane violation group were having higher disability i.e. 12 (32.4%).


Violation of lane is an aberrant driving behavior. It has emerged as a common cause of bike related road traffic accidents leading to mortality. A prevailing disregard for traffic norms adds fuel to this perilous fire, paving the way for grave outcome.


Key words: Severe Traumatic brain injury (STBI), Road traffic accident (RTA), Violation of lane, Bike rider, Intracranial pressure (ICP), Glasgow outcome scale extended.




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